Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pekan Quarry

Pekan Quarry, Pulau Ubin

It was my third attempt on star trails and this time I made my way to one of the quarries in Pulau Ubin – Pekan Quarry. The whole place was illuminated by a waxing gibbous (96% full) moon hanging high up in the night sky. The night atmosphere was so mesmerising that I stood still for a few moments, to view and feel the atmosphere before I set up my tripod and camera.

I've always wanted to make star trails on this small island and so finally I got it made, of this 'DANGER' signboard by the wooden railings. Thirty long exposures of one minute were made and stacked in Photoshop using Dr. Brown's Stack-a-matic. A little fill-in light was added on the signboard, wooden railings and the surrounding foliages.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result and on my next attempt. I would try to make a longer star trails, say 60 exposures of 1 minute. Until then, I hope you enjoy viewing my work. More Ubin night photographs in the next blog same time at 10:10PM.

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