Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ubin Land Rover

Ubin Land Rover
This abandoned vehicle was found parked outside a large empty wooden house, in central part of Pulau Ubin. Dirty stained windscreen, rusty body with peel-off paint, broke down engine and punctured tyres, it stationed in this open space with surrounding trees. The whole desolated place was illuminated beautifully by the moon light.

After a few trials on different color effects, this is the final result that I'm most happy with. I tried to keep things as simple and aesthetic as possible, keeping in mind on the color complementation. I've also managed to attained the same effect result for the second close-up photograph shown below.

Let me show you the rest of the color effects and you will know why I chose the red one. Well that's my personal taste. Which one do you personally like? Leave down your choice in the comment below. I would love to know. Thank you.

All nocturnes are long exposures under full moon and some light paintings on the surrounding trees and vehicle exterior with neutral white light. Colored light paintings on the vehicle headlights and interior with Cyan, Yellow, Red color gel respectively. All light paintings are manual work and definitely not created digitally in Photoshop. Photographs are made in RAW format and post-processed in Photoshop.

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