Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Night at Dakota Crescent Serial - Week 6

Let Me In

After making the shots of the mail boxes, my URBEX sense was ignited and I went up the stairs to the second storey and discovered two flat units' main doors unlocked and wide opened. So I invited myself in to explore. More after the jump.

As usual in any abandoned bulding, there are graffiti on the walls and some abandoned items scattered around in the living room and bedroom areas. These are signs of urban exploration and I suspect these units were broken in despite most of the units are locked. If this is true, then I have trespassed but there isn't any stated signboard so I presumed it was safe and took it for granted to enter.

After a short tour, I took up position and set up my camera and tripod for the above photo. Initially I closed the main door and wanted to see how the whole ambience looks like and below is the result.

I think the top photo speaks louder, with the corridor light entering the living room, created a light streak on the floor, and the newspaper laid right across as if shouting out for your reading attention. I also like the way the warm street light hitting the balcony door. I lit up the living room with my LED flashlight just to soread across a little tinted blue color cast. The battle of light color temperatures between the neutral corridor light, the sodium vapor street light and my flashlight are just as complementing as seen in the final result. I didn't lit up one of the two bedrooms shown on the right frame as I wanted to keep the shadow depth in contrast with the external subjects through the bedroom window.

Before I left, I made one last photo as I really like the warm street light coming through the balcony and bedroom window. This time round I lit up the second bedroom with complementing cool light and this is the result.

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